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Go To The West

3rd September, 2005. 9:15 pm. RESIDENT EVIL

Hi hi all...or who ever reads this...Resident Evil 4 for PS2 comes out OCT 26! I'm happy happy happy happy happy! Oh and I got a SHAUN OF THE DEAD shirt today! I saw a jacket I wanted, but couldn't get it..It was a Resident Evil one, and said S.T.A.R.S.!That's all...JUST HAPPY ABOUT RESIDENT EVIL 4!!! and I got far on the Ada side game on my brother's game-cube version....It was easy, then I died...oh well...bye

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19th August, 2005. 4:43 pm. THEATRE ARTS

Theatre Arts is a great class to be in! Yes, and me, I'm really afraid about Tuesday when I'll have to sing....I'm not that good, so me thinks I'll be with Sanzo and Megs on CREW! Uhm, and Julie gave me her support-which means a lot....I'm changing my picture....it kinda of sucks right now...need to find a better Vala pic! Yes!
that is what I shall do-oh and MONKY/CAT you suck, you really do


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26th July, 2005. 8:39 pm. hey there

Those With Powers..What to say, what to say..I love it, its fun! My character is the best!^^JK..Not really, I love my character so far!^_^Thanks Sen for making me finally join it

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25th July, 2005. 12:42 pm. hey there

Entry number, less than ten, because I'm not very good at making entries...Must leave soon for movie WILLY WONKA..Sanzo is coming to get me...*sigh* now I must say goodbye to my Big Bro Silver

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22nd July, 2005. 1:37 pm. Nothing

uhm, i don't know what to say here...so uhm, check out my websites!

http://www.freewebs.com/fireflyforever/index.htm -Firefly Forever

http://www.freewebs.com/hakkaidomain/ -Hakkai's Domain
This one has a message board, and stuff, so...uhm, yea, that's all I have to say right now about that. I never update this thing....The End of this nearly pointless entry

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8th July, 2005. 11:21 am. Full Metal Alchemist

FMA, is the best! Well, so is Saiyuki, and YYH, and so many others, but right now, saiyuki is in second, and FMA is in first! I never update do I? oh well...going back to gaia, and destroy someone named Silver, because he keeps calling me short.....Monkey Stew is on the menu

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4th July, 2005. 9:19 pm. A Surprise that Could KILL

hey everyone out there! Well, I was away on a trip to Conroe to surprise my grandmother for her birthday, but little did I know, it was also for me too! That's right, because in Houston, at the Museum, they had LORD OF THE RINGS, MOVIE PROPS! I was a geek...shut up...and HAPPY!!!

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30th June, 2005. 10:50 am. Hello

Hey Everyone, this is Cho Hakkai! I have friends.....^^Yes, good friends....I have one that will threaten you, one that will be perverted and another that well..Is just....A Monkey..........

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